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KSD Capital

Connecting world class originators with community banks.

About Us


We are a bank advisory and financial services firm. We provide our client banks with access to loan pools consisting of small business loans, originated through online lending platforms. In short, we allow community banks to gain access to highly profitable loan portfolios once available only to large financial institutions.

Who We Are
Our Story

We were founded by community bankers, for community bankers. We are managed by a team of seasoned community bank and digital lending experts.


With over 75 years of combined experience in community banking, technology enabled financial services, and bank regulation, our team is uniquely positioned to help our clients achieve highly profitable and sustainable yields.




Strategic Planning

We work with banks to align their strategic goals with profitable and scalable portfolio investments. On average, our portfolios outperform our client bank's Net Interest Margin by 30%.

Legal & Regulatory

We ensure that your investment activities comply with all legal and regulatory compliance programs. This includes verification that our origination partners have the necessary expertise, processes and controls to enable the bank to remain compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. 

What We Offer

Due Diligence

We perform extensive diligence on our origination partners, including the underwriting of credit policies and business practices. We provide ongoing monitoring of our origination platform’s financial condition, including reviews of the partner’s financial statements.


We provide ongoing servicing and monitoring of loan performance through monthly servicing reports and obligations with our origination partners.

Why Us


Deploy Capital at Scale

We enable your bank to deploy excess capital in a highly efficient and profitable manner. We then actively work to keep your capital deployed and maintained in order to improve your bank's efficiency ratio.

Increase Profitability

While our strategy has the primary benefit of reducing risk, it also reduces the overall acquisition cost per loan. This has the net-effect of reducing both risk and cost to your bank, thus sustainably increasing profitability and financial stability.

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